The Parenting Education as an Effort to Prevent Violence Toward Elementary School Students During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Dyah Muliawati



Cases of child abuse during Covid-19 pandemic remain high and even tend to increase in physical violence. Child abuse is all form of action that can cause physical, mental, spiritual, social and sexual abuse. Parenting education can be a solution to prevent violence against elementary school students during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research objective was to determine the effect of parenting education on violence against children during the Covid-19 pandemic. This type of research is pre-experimental design with one group pretest postest design approach. The number of samples in the study were 60 respondents (30 children and 30 mothers). The research was conducted at Muhammadiyah Macanan Elementary School Ngemplak Sleman in August - November 2020. Data were collected using the Indonesian Child Abuse Tool Children's (ICAST-C) questionnaire and the mother's knowledge level questionnaire. The results show the probability number 0.000 <0.05, thus H0 is rejected, which means that there is a significant correlation between the two variables. The correlation figure for the variable level of knowledge about violence against children and the variable incidence of violence against children is -0.391. This shows the better the level of knowledge about violence against children, the lower the incidence of violence against children.


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