The Effect of Personal Support on Anxiety of Pregnant Women in Facing Labor

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Ari Sulistyawati


The anxiety of third trimester pregnant women has a big impact on the quality of delivery. This problem requires special intervention so that the delivery process goes smoothly without complications. Personal support is believed to be able to reduce a person's anxiety. This study aims to determine the effect of personal support in reducing the anxiety of third trimester pregnant women in facing childbirth. The intervention is in the form of education on how to deal with pregnancy discomforts, identification of danger signs of pregnancy, the process and stages of labor, relaxation techniques, positive activities during childbirth, social and spiritual support before and during childbirth. Educational communication and support using the WhatsApp application, and all research subjects joined in a group. This quasi-experimental study used 53 research subjects selected by purposive sampling through recruitment which was carried out openly using social media. The subject's inclusion criteria were pregnant women from 29-36 weeks, willing to actively participate in a personal mentoring program for four weeks, and have a WhatsApp account. Anxiety was measured using the PRAQ (Pregnancy-Related Anxiety Questionnaire-R2) questionnaire given before and after the intervention. Data were analyzed using paired sample t-test. The results showed the sig. (2-tailed) is 0.003 <0.05, and the t value is greater than t table (3.146> 2.011), which means that personal support has an effect on reducing maternal anxiety in facing childbirth. It is hoped that health workers will personally assist pregnant women by utilizing online media in order to anticipate childbirth complications caused by anxiety during pregnancy.


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