The Correlation Between Knowledge and Attitude of Smoking and Smoking Behaviour Banjar Tek-Tek Village Peguyangan North Denpasar

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Ni Ketut Citrawati Citra
Tri Rahayuning Lestari


Smoking causes three millions people in the world die in younger age. According to the Indonesian Cancer Foundation, 90% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. The prevalence of smokers in Bali currently reaches 18.86%. Data from the Bali Provincial Health Office show the highest smoking prevalence of adolescent smoking in 2018 was found in Jembrana Regency 22.56%, the second highest was Denpasar City 22.02%, and Tabanan Regency was the third highest case of teenage smokers at 21.32%, (Dinkesprov Bali, 2018). This study aims to determine the correlation between knowledge and attitudes of smoking and smoking behavior in Banjar Tek-Tek Village Peguyangan, North Denpasar. This is correlation research using cross sectional approach. The populations consist of teenage boys in Banjar Tek-tek, Peguyangan, North Denpasar, and 63 of them were taken as the samples using random sampling technique. Data analysis used Rank Spearman with a confidence level of p <0.05. The research instrument is a questionnaire. The results of the study indicate a significant correlation between the level of knowledge and smoking attitudes (p value = 0.00) and a significant correlation between the level of knowledge and smoking behavior (p value = 00.00).


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