The Utilization Of Moringa Oleifera Extract For Toddler Weight Gain

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Dyah Muliawati


Body weight can reflect the growth pattern of nutritional status. One of the factors affecting toddler body weight is food intake. The health profile data of Bantul Regency (2019) show the condition of malnutrition that settled in 2017 to 2018, which is 0.41%. The results of research conducted by McLellan, McKenzie and Clapham, show that Moringa Oleifera flour can be used as a nutritious food supplement for children to meet the needs of protein and micro nutrients. The purpose of the study is to know the benefits of the Moringa Oleifera extract in increasing the body weight of toddlers. The study used  quasi experimental  design with 2with multiple linear regression. The respondents are  30 toddlers for treatment group and 30 toddlers for control group taken by purposive sampling. Taken in the work area of Piyungan Primary Health Center, the data collection was conducted using questionnaire and body weight measurement. The results of this study show a P value of < 0.05, indicating that the Moringa Oleifera extract could increase the body weight of the toddler. The conclusion in this study is that daily routine consumption of Moringa Oleifera extracts for 30 days can increase body weight by 0.420 kg with a prediction of 18.9%. 


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