Building A Culture of Non Violent Parenting in The Community of Bantul Regency

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Filu Marwati Santoso Putri


Many parents missbehave and even do violence in their parenting style. A preliminary study in Nyamplung, Srimulyo Village, Bantul Regency shows that there has been no education related to childcare without involving violence. In fact, the phenomenon shows a lot of outpouring of mothers' hearts is related to difficulties in holding back their emotions while raising children, which ultimately leads to violence both emotionally, psychologically and physically. In fact, almost all of them know the impact of this on children, but parents often get lost in adopting a non-violent parenting style. This study used a normative survey method. Data collection was carried out through interviews. The research subjects were 15 women. The results show all respondents had abused children physically, psychologically, and been neglected. Most of the physical violence was done in the form of pinching, hitting and jabbing with a percentage of 53.33%. Most of the psychological violence was done in the form of yelling with a percentage of 66.67%. Most neglect is done in the form of ignoring questions and opinions of children with a percentage of 73.33%. Building a culture of nonviolent parenting is carried out by involving cultural and structural social elements.


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