The Influence of Postpartum Exercise on Postpartum Woman to Uterus Involution in The Working Area of Alak Health Center

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Theresia Mindarsih
Aning Pattypeilohy


Postpartum exercise is an exercise or physical movement done as early as possible after childbirth. It functions to restore health conditions, accelerate healing, prevent complications, restore and repair stretches in the muscles after pregnancy, especially the muscles of the back, pelvic floor and abdomen. The study aims to determine the influence of postpartum exercise on postpartum mothers on the process of uterine involution at Alak Health Center, Kupang City. This research method used a quasi experimental design with Static Group Comparison. The samples are 32 people in the treatment group and 32 people in the control group. In the treatment group, mothers were taught the steps of postpartum exercise after 24 hours post partum, TFU was measured on day 1 and day 7. The sampling technique is purposive sampling. The results of this study show 26 respondents (81.2%) and 6 respondents (18.8%) with a corresponding decrease in uterine fundal height. The results of the chi square test analysis show a significant value (ρ = 0.000), meaning that there is a significant influence between mothers who did puerperal exercise and those who did not do puerperal exercise in the process of uterine involution at Alak Health Center. The conclusion of this study shows that there is an influence of postpartum exercise for  postpartum mothers on the involution process.


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