An Overview of Pregnant Mothers’ Knowledge Level About Tetanus Imunization in Melon 2 Posyandu Lenteng Agung Jakarta Selatan

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Odilia Esem


Tetanus toxoid (TT) immunization is one of the efforts to build the body’s immunity in preventing tetanus infection. TT immunization must be given as soon as possible for pregnant women. The immunization given the pregnant women in their early pregnancy is Tetanus Toxoid which is given according to the indications. Firstly their immunization status must be determined. This study aims to describe the pregnant women’s knowledge level about TT immunization. This is a descriptive research conducted at the Melon 2 Posyandu Lenteng Agung on 15 July-15 August 2017. The populations were 40 pregnant women. Sampling was conducted on a non-probability basis with accidental sampling technique to 40 people. Data analysis used univariate. The results show the majorities were 20-35 years old (33 people/ 82.5%), had a maximum parity of 1-2 children (22 people/55.0 %), had high education (22 people/55.0%), and obtained good information from social media/electronic media/health workers/family/friends (23 people/57.5%) and had high knowledge about tetanus immunization toxoid (26 respondents/65.0%).


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