The Improvement of Sleep Quality in Elderly With Dzikir Therapy: Literature Review

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Niken Ratna Sari


In Indonesia, the prevalence of sleep disorders among the elderly is quite high, namely around 67%, while the elderly aged 65 years and over and experiencing sleep disorders are around 50%. This makes some elderly people have to get the right and appropriate therapy in order to improve the quality of their sleep. Dzikir done regularly can help the elderly to achieve good quality of sleep. The purpose of this study was to determine how dzikir therapy can affect the quality of sleep in the elderly. This research is in the form of a literature review, the articles are taken from Google Scholar. During the data selection process, articles were selected based on predetermined criteria, including: dzikir therapy and sleep quality. There were ten articles that were successfully screened and according to the topic using the pretest and posttest design methods. The results show dzikir therapy can maintain the balance of body temperature so as to create a calm, peaceful, and controlled mental atmosphere. However, it is not a substitute for drugs. From ten journals, the results show that there is an effect of dzikir therapy on the quality of sleep in the elderly. Dhikr therapy can be done independently or with the help of others for the elderly who have difficulty sleeping. There is an effect of dzikir therapy on the quality of sleep in the elderly. It is hoped that the elderly can take advantage of dzikir therapy technique with appropriate procedures as an alternative to non-pharmacological methods that are safe and easy to do at home and can reduce the use of drugs in elderly people who experience poor sleep quality.


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