The Effectiveness of Gita Gymnastics on Waist Circumference and Blood Pressure in the Elderly with Hypertension

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Anindini Winda Amalia
Ismiy Noer Wahyuni Meiseni


Hypertension has become a major health problem in the world. Exercise has an important role in the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Exercise has been shown to have a beneficial effect on a person's blood pressure. Gymnastics GITA is a sport that combines movement and mind power which functions to smooth the movement of vital energy. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of GITA exercise on waist circumference and blood pressure in the elderly with hypertension. This study used a pre-post test design with 40 elderly people at the Bandar Lor Clinic, Kediri City, divided into a control group of 20 people and an experimental group of 20 people who received GITA exercise training for 12 weeks 3 times a week, with the duration of 30 minutes per session, while the control group received no treatment. The results of this study show a decrease in waist circumference by 3.8 ± 1.32 cm (p <0.01), a decrease in sistolic blood pressure by 21.25 ± 8.08 mmHg (p <0.01), and a decrease in diastolic blood pressure by 7.15 ± 2.74 mmHg (p < 0.01) for the experiment group compared to the control group. GITA gymnastics for 12 weeks is effective in reducing waist circumference and blood pressure in the elderly with hypertension.


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