The Overview of The Independence Level of The Elderly in Buku Village Mapilli Subistrict Polewali Mandar Regency Indonesia

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Aging is a process of slowly disappearing of the tissue's ability to maintain its normal function so that it cannot survive the infection and  repair the damage. A common problem experienced by the elderly is the range of various diseases. Decreased productivity causes the elderly to experience dependency and decreased ability to carry out daily activities. Activity of daily living is an activity carried out in everyday life to meet basic needs. The purpose of this study is to find out the overview of the independence level of the elderly in ADL (activity of daily living) ) and I-ADL (Instrument Actifity of Daily Living). The questionnaire sheets containing age, gender, occupation, and how the daily activities of the elderly were used as the instruments. The respondents consisted of 80 peoples categorized into of elderly and registered in the BDT (Integrated Database) The collection of characteristic data was carried out by providing several questions and based on the results of answers from the elderly. The results show the majority of elderly were 60-74 years old (45 respondents /56.25%), 75-90 years old (33 respondents/41.25%), females (42 respondents/52.5%), male (38 respondents/47.5%) had primary school education (53 respondents/42.4%), did not go to school (27 respondents/33.75%), husband /wife (61 respondents/76.25%), widowers (7 respondents /8.75%), widowed (12 respondents/15%). 36 elderlies (45%) who work in the Buku village were female. 77 respondents (96.25%) were independent and 3 respondents (3.75%) were dependent. The study concluded elderly characteristics such as age, gender, education, occupation, marital status are associated with the elderly independence level.


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