The Influence of Smart Module “WANDARZI” Toward Changes in Knowledge and Attitudes of Women of Childbearing Age About Chronic Energy Deficiency During Pregnancy

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Anjar Astuti
Marlynda Happy Nurmalita
Dina Dewi Anggraini


Chronic energy deficiency is one of the nutritional problems during pregnancy. Pregnant women who experience chronic energy deficiency are at risk of giving birth to LBW by 2-3 times greater than pregnant women with optimal nutritional status. One of the causes of chronic nutritional status disorders in women of childbearing age is the lack of knowledge of women of childbearing age and society about nutrition. Providing health education is an effort to change the knowledge and attitudes of women of childbearing age regarding nutritional problems. Modules were given as learning media for women of childbearing age. The research objective is to analyze the influence of intelligent modules of "WANDARZI" (Women Conscious Nutrition) to change in knowledge and attitude of childbearing age women about nutrition and the risk of chronic energy deficiency In Pregnancy. This is a quantitative research using quasi experimental research pre-post tests control group design. The populations were all women of childbearing age at Blora Primary health center and 54 women were the samples. The results of the statistical variable knowledge using the independent t test with a result of p = 0.91 means that there is no difference between the two groups. If seen from the mean value there is a difference, the treatment group has a greater mean value of 33.08 compared to the control group, namely 32.96. The results of statistical tests of Mann Withney show p = 0.746 of attitude variable meaning that there is no difference in attitude between the two groups. However, the mean value shows a difference between the control and treatment groups where the treatment group is 26.16 larger than the control group 24.84. So there is an influence of giving the WANDARZI module with the knowledge and attitudes of women of childbearing age regarding chronic energy deficiency during pregnancy.


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