Abdominal Stretching Exercise Reduces Dismenore Effectively Intensity: Narrative Review

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Resqy Ambar Saraswati Ambar
Resqy Ambar Saraswati


Dysmenorrhea is a menstrual problem caused by myometrial contractions causing ischemia in the uterusand pain. Abdominal stretching is one of  relaxation techniques that can reduce pain by relaxing the muscles that experience spasm caused by an increase in prostaglandins. This will cause vasodilation of blood vessels and increase blood flow to areas experiencing spasm and ischemia. There is no article review discussing the effect of abdominal stretching exercise on the intensity of dysmenorrhea, so it is necessary to do a review on this matter. The aim of the review is to analyze the effect of abdominal stretching exercise on the intensity of dysmenorrhea. This is a narrative review using the PICOT framework (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Otcome, Time / Type). Article identification used the Pubmed and Google Scholar data base. Selection of articles used PRISMA flowchart and critical appraisal. The overall results of identified 1160 articles, 10 articles meet the inclusion criteria and discuss about abdominal stretching exercise which can reduce the intensity of dysmenorrhea. Stretching exercise was conducted for 10 minutes and 3 times a week. The results of the review found 7 articles use the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) instrument and 3 other articles use the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) as the measuring instruments for dysmenorrhea. Abdominal stretching exercise has the effect of reducing the intensity of dysmenorrhea.


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