Sexual Arousal During Pregnancy

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Arif Tirtana


Sexual activity in women consists of desire, passion, orgasm and resolution. Arousal or sexy passion arises after a sense of attraction. Sexy activity does not stop during pregnancy. One of the triggers of arousal in women is the hormone progesterone. In pregnant women the hormone progesterone will continue to increase starting from the first trimester until the third trimester, even after that the increase will decrease. The hormone progesterone in women acts as a sex drive or a hormone that regulates sexy activity in women. Based on the theory, are pregnant women with the hormone progseteron also participate with high sex arousal?. the samples are 108 First trimester pregnant women. This is Descriptive analytic research with survey method. The results indicate that sexual arousal in pregnant women during trimester I-III in the medium category. Pregnant women experience sexual arousal for  6-7 times / month. Normally, pregnant women are sexually passionate 4-9 times / month.


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