The Correlation of Menarchea and Family History with Dysmenorrhea

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Ery Fatmawati
Annisa Hikmatul Aliyah


Dysmenorrhea is a stomach pain felt during menstruation. The untreated dysmenorrhea can cause disruption of daily living activities, disorders of the reproductive organs to infection. Risk factors for dysmenorrhea are varied, including age at menarche, family history, depression and stress. Those can increase the risk of dysmenorrhea. Previous studies have shown that most of female students in STIKes students experience dysmenorrhea. The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between menarche and family history with dysmenorrhea of the second semester students at STIKes Madani Yogyakarta. This type of research is quantitative with cross sectional approach. The sampling technique is purposive sampling to a total of 40 female students. The data analyzes technique is Chi Square. The results show the age of menarche (p-value 0.165 value> 0.05 with OR 4.444) and family history of dysmenorrhea (p-value 0.194 value> 0.05 with OR 3.321), which indicate that the age factor of menarche and family history did not have a significant correlation with the incidence of dysmenorrhea in the second semester students at STIKes Madani Yogyakarta. It can be concluded that menarche and family history are not related to dysmenorrhea and it suggested for students to improve healthy and preventive lifestyle including playing sports, yoga, Taichi to reduce dysmenorrhea complaints


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